​"When I found Sunni I was excited and nervous. I contacted her and told her I NEEDED her and
her energy after reading her website. From that moment on she was there. I tried to
procrastinate but Sunni did not allow that. Sunni is very sweet and supportive but is also very
specific and pushed me to my full potential. Sunni has motivated me to continue to work on
myself, take care of myself, and love myself. Sunni is very unique, gifted, talented, and one of a
kind. Sunni used tools and skills on me that I’ve never heard of but because I trust her I allowed
myself to fully engage. I must say I am very satisfied! Sunni created a plan the worked well for
me. Sunni and I continue to do yoga, bodywork, and everything else she includes. I’ve lost over
50 lbs, my body is not as stiff/tight, my body is no longer knotted up, lower back is stronger and
no more pain, my body feels longer, my mind is clearer which allows better focus, my anxiety is
lower, I sleep better, eat better, and we’ve also worked though some childhood trauma that I’ve
been holding on to for many years. It is motivating to see how engaged and eager Sunni
became when she formed the right treatment plan for me. Again, I was excited and scared to
start, but once I began and saw/felt results I knew I made the right decision. Sunni has changed
my life and for that I want to thank you Sunni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Aisha Jakachira-Lifetime Client

Sunni Knowlton



PS...I only had room for one complete one but have hundreds more!

Rates and Packages

Somatic Bodywork/Energy Healing/Structural-Postural Balancing

One (60 min) session- $75                      One (90 min) session- $110

Package of 5 sessions- $325                   Package of 5 sessions- $500

Package of 10 sessions- $600                Package of 10 sessions- $950

Package of 15 sessions- $825                 Package of 15 sessions- $1325

*Specialized sessions may vary in price depending on type of work, ie: Rolfing, or extended sessions, such as 120 minutes.  Typically Myofascial and Structural Integration blended with Thai or other form of bodywork can run up to 120 minutes.

Gift Certicates Available!  Pamper yourself or a loved one with the gift of physical well-being, more space, range of motion, decreased stress, decreased anxiety and depression, increased functionality, balance, and agility, and more!

*Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Cash Accepted (A small surcharge may be applied to Discover or American Express) 

**All Sierra Tucson Employees & Mental Health/Wellness Professionals--ask about a special discount!

Special of the Moment:  Through the end of July, 15% discount on coaching, bodywork, private yoga services!!!  (Cannot be combined with other discounts or specials)

*Sliding Scale Pricing Exceptions & Payment Plans can be made on a case-by-case basis.  I want to help as many people as possible so don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested.  My motivation is to inspire, heal, and empower, and teach anyone wishing to better themselves and make their life & community a better place, thus making it a better world.  


Yoga Classes and Private Sessions

Yoga Classes(regular) - Suggested $7, Good Karma exceptions $5

Private Session- starts at $65

Mindfulness/Yoga Workshops & Seminars- $ Vary depending on Length, # of days, Series, etc.

*Gift Certificates Available!  Know anyone who needs to chill out or get a core workout in?  Give them a gift certificate today!

Personal Training & Fitness

Individual sessions - $50 + 

6 Session Package - $275

12 Session Package - $500

Monthly Pricing Available based on times per week and duration of sessions

* These prices do not include travel time if I am coming to your home...prices vary based on location.  Approximate an extra $30-$45+ per hour of travel.

**Give the gift of fitness to someone you love by purchasing a gift certificate!

​​Life Coaching

For Longer Lasting Results, A Commitment of 3 months is recommended to begin the work, one session per week.  * Ask about a free consult, Specials, and customized sessions and packages that blend coaching with somatic bodywork and energetic healing.  (Please keep in mind that many coaches you will find charge upwards of $250 per session.  I have greatly discounted all my services listed below to ensure that more people can get help, make positive changes, have more overall wellness and inner peace, and feel great about themselves and in their body.)


Individual 60 min session -  $95

(1 session per week for packages)

Package #1- 4 sessions  - $360

Package #2- 8 sessions  - $700

Package # 3- 12 sessions - $950

*Customized Sessions vary in price depending on length, type of work, etc.  Typically, customized sessions are 90-120 minutes in length.

Gift Certificates Available!  Give the gift of love, encouragement, support, and healing to someone you love today.