It’s essential to take care of your physical body, complex mind, spirituality, emotional body, soul nourishment, & precious heart.


But it’s not easy to do it alone. That’s where I come in... I'm a holistic, compassionate healer, teacher, writer, life coach &  motivational speaker who caters to each client's unique style, personality, needs, and/or physical/emotional challenges or issues.  A lot of my work is about listening to you, understanding you and validating your needs.  So do not worry if you don't have specific goals right away...sometimes we just need someone there to support us and listen.  

I specialize in personal growth and spiritual development, communication and relationships, releasing toxic shame and self sabotage behaviors, as well as those in recovery or suffering from addictions, trauma, mood disorders, eating disorders, etc, along with everyday life stuggles, finding peace, balance, increased prosperity, and removing blocks to specific goals.


Treat, empower, and uplift yourself with the gift of therapeutic & transforming services which create long-lasting results, countless benefits, and integration of body, mind, spirit, and soul.


Customized yoga classes for inner & outer strength, spiritual nourishment, inner peace, flexibility, etc, for all body types and ages.  Private/small group sessions & workshops available also.

Transformative-Holistic Life Coaching, Somatic Healing/Energy Balancing/Structural and Therapeutic Bodywork, Yoga Classes and Private Sessions, & Personal Training

Sunni Knowlton


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Hello and thank you for considering in investing in yourself, your spirit, and your overall well-being.  In today's busy lifestyle, it is challenging to find the right practitioner-healer-teacher-coach for what your needs may be.  My philosophy is that each of us are unique individuals with a unique set of issues, emotional, physical, or mental, and we must be dealt with on a customized, personal basis.  

As a coach, healer, and teacher, I believe one the most important things that creates success is my ability to hold a sacred space, whether that's for one person, or a hundred.  I am willing to walk alongside you in whatever journey you're taking on without judging, trying to fix you, or having an agenda or outcome.  I hold space with my open heart, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgment or control.


If you are interested, we have a consultation and then construct a game plan of what it is you are seeking to achieve and what is the best course of action given your circumstances.  Many times, I work with people for a package of 12 sessions right from the start.  I recommend that because it is beneficial for several reasons such as:  it takes that amount of time to break an unhealthy pattern and replace it with a new one, the results come faster, the results are more permanent due to re-training your body-mind connection, and there is freedom from emotional blockages that are held in the connective tissue.  I have a deep commitment to your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Together, we discover the best "You" you could possible be.  Blessings and Namaste!

Holistic Healing

Somatic bodywork/massage specialties, energy & emotional work/balancing/release, structural integration & more.


Life Coaching


Allow me to help you move through fears/blocks, create success, balance, joy, peace, spiritual fulfillment & more! 

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